Vice Golf Balls

Looking for something new for the golfer in your life?  Vice Golf has a business model that allows for cheaper balls but still maintaining quality because you order online directly from them and they ship it directly to you.  Not only have their balls been reviewed for their quality, but the best part is they can be personalized making them an awesome gift for anyone who enjoys golf.  Since they are more economical, it is not so cringing when one of them goes in the water (which many of mine happen to), compared to let’s say a Titlelist pro v1 ball.

These make for great party favors as well for a bachelor party (or bachelorette if she’s into it!) or birthday party since they can be personalized to the occassion.  The prices for the balls also are cheaper if you buy in bulk!  There are 5 different models of golf ball, and if you can’t decide they also have a sampler pack of 2 of each ball for $17.95.

The Vice Pro, Vice Pro Soft , and Vice Pro Plus:

  • Comes in 3 colors (white, lime, red)
  • FROM 1 DOZEN$ 34.95 / DOZEN
  • FROM 3 DOZENS$ 29.95 / DOZEN
  • FROM 5 DOZENS$ 24.95 / DOZEN
Vice Drive :

  • FROM 1 DOZEN$ 14.95 / DOZEN
  • FROM 3 DOZENS$ 12.95 / DOZEN
  • FROM 5 DOZENS$ 10.95 / DOZEN
The Vice Tour:

  • FROM 1 DOZEN$ 21.95 / DOZEN
  • FROM 3 DOZENS$ 18.95 / DOZEN
  • FROM 5 DOZENS$ 15.95 / DOZEN
Personalizing your golf balls are easy on their website.  Here’s what Vice Golf offers for personalized golf balls:
– NO MINIMUMS, starting from 1 dozen
– FAST SHIPPING, 7-11 business days
– STARTING FROM $13.90 per dozen incl. ball and print costs

I love that you can personalize what is printed on the ball in the form a text or logo (double or single-sided too), but one of the coolest things is you can also personalize with an image!  With so many personalization options, I think it may be even acceptable to re-gift these balls to the same person for different occasions.

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