The Coolest

The Coolest cooler not only has a cool name, but it is not your average cooler.  This started off as a Kickstarter campaign which we bought into, and we love our Coolest.  It has a ton of features, such as compartments inside the cooler to separate ice, a blender, a bluetooth speaker, usb charging, bottle opener, hidden storage for plates and flatware, cupholders, wheels to transport, etc. We use it for BBQs in the park, camping, and just as a storage for drinks when we are entertaining in our backyard.

This is definitely a luxury item and is on the pricey side for gifting.  The Coolest with the blender function is approx. $400, but the option without the blender is approx. $200.  It’s heavier than your normal cooler so I wouldn’t recommend it if you need to carry it great distances where the terrain isn’t good for wheels, but it has a lot of functions and would a fun gift for someone who is into the latest gadgets / likes multi-purpose products, and:

  • Enjoys camping and the outdoors
  • Enjoys entertaining
  • Picnicks
  • Road trips
  • Needs to provide food/drink for their kid’s soccer games, and the like

They recently came out with the Vibe soft-sided cooler which is a nice cheaper, and easier to transport option.  The Vibe is priced about $180.  In addition to people who would enjoy the Coolest, the soft-sided cooler option is great for:

  • Someone who golfs
  • Someone who goes fishing
  • Hiking

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