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Personalized books make for a great gift for kids.  Personalized gifts show that additional thought was given to make the gift extra special.  You definitely need to think ahead when buying these because it takes time to personalize and ship (not something you can buy the day of, so it shows you thought ahead!).  A personalized book promotes reading and is something on a more personal level that they can carry with them as they grow up.  Kids will enjoy seeing themselves off on an adventure in a book, and they especially get a kick out of seeing their siblings or friends on the adventure with them.  Because the book is about them, it is likely to become a favorite book that they will remember.  The books can be a little on the pricier side for a children’s book at approx. $35 for hardcover, but it’s worth it for the personalization.  Here are a few companies that make personalized books:

  1. Wonderbly: I’ve personally purchased books from this company before.  You can choose from preset characters to best match the child’s looks, write a personal message to be printed in the book, and have the child’s name used in the book.  Some options such as a Willy Wonka themed story also include naming additional siblings/friends to be mentioned.  I especially like that they have an option of a “Where’s Waldo” themed book, which is quite fun as well.  You can get $7 off your order if you enter The Giftable under the link “Been referred by a friend?” in the Wonderbly checkout.

  2. Put Me in the Story: With this option, there are more recognizable characters and it would be fun for the child to see themselves in a story with their favorite characters.   There are kid-friendly favorite characters such as Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters, Sesame Street characters, Marvel, Curious George, etc.  It does not appear that the kids are drawn into the books and instead you upload a picture of the child, but the child’s name is still used throughout the story.
  3. i See Me!: This website offers a wide array of personalized books for different reading levels and additional personalization.  This one is cool also because there are some book options that can superimpose the actual face onto a body, while others have additional details you can customize such as skin tone, hair color, bald/not bald, beard/goatee, etc.

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