Massages On Demand

Massages. On. Demand. It’s a thing!  This is such a great idea because you can get a massage in the comfort of your own home. Shower in your own bathroom and dress in your own robe, and sleep in your own bed right after an amazing massage.  Plus, you can get one when you need it rather than risk not getting an appointment at the spa or massage parlor.  This is like the Uber/Lyft for the massage world.  It’s easy to book a massage right from an app without having to call and talk to a person.   I love that it is so convenient because most massage on demand services are flexible in schedule and they come to you so you save time in the car!   Massages on demand make for a great gift for:

  • bachelorettes – would make a fun pampering activity to do with bride/bridesmaids before the big day
  • newlywed couples – couple massages are available options
  • busy moms – it’s so hard to fit in a shower let alone a massage, but this is flexible enough for moms to schedule in
  • celebrate any milestone achievements and hard work
  • anyone who likes to pamper themselves
  • you! (treat yo self)

If you are hosting a baby shower or bridal shower, or even celebrating a birthday, at home massage services are a great activity for your guests and many of these companies offer group massage services.

Depending on location there are different companies that have massage therapists in those cities.  The main two I have heard of are Zeel and Soothe.


I recently tried Zeel and it was a great experience.  Using their app, I chose the range of time that I wanted to get my massage, and picked my preferences.   After approximately 10-15 minutes I received a text confirming my therapist and appointment time.  You just supply two sheets and a pillow case, and a massage therapist will come to you, massage table, oil, music, and all.   Although my appointment was at 1pm, my massage therapist arrived about 10 minutes earlier to set up her table and prep everything for the massage.  I tried a deep tissue, and at some points I did ask for more pressure which she obliged – I ended up falling asleep mid-massage and feeling super relaxed after.

Monthly member price is $99 or $109 for pay-as-you -go for a 60 min massage + 18% tip built-in for total of approx. $116.82 or $128.62 respectively with tip.    Timing is so convenient because Zeel offers appointments from 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., seven days a week, which is particularly great for someone like me who does not have time for herself until after 9pm.   I am not affiliated with Zeel but here’s a $20 off referral code: 18xig.  There are options of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Sports, or Sleep massages.  Gifting can be sent via email or printed out for insertion into a card.


I recently received a gift card for Soothe and am super excited to try it.  This differs from Zeel in that the massage therapists bring everything so you don’t need to supply your own sheets and pillowcase.  Soothe offers appointment times from 8:00am to 11:45pm.  Soothe’s pay-as-you-go price is $119 for a 60 min massage and it also offers a monthly membership service inclusive of one massage a month at 20% off (i.e., $95.20).  It does not appear that Soothe builds in tip with its charges.   Otherwise, Soothe pretty much offers the same range of services as Zeel and can be gifted in the form of a printable gift card.

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