Hair Tie Bracelet

Functional and cool, the hair tie bracelet by Maria Shireen is something anyone that regularly carries an extra hair tie can appreciate.  This ingenious accessory turns the hair tie into a fashionable and wearable accessory, and eliminates the issue of hair ties that leave red indentations in the arm.  This would make a great gift for her, whether it’s a birthday, bridesmaid gift, celebrating a new mom, or any other holiday.

The Original Hair Tie Bracelet:

The original design, Bittersweet, are bracelets made of stainless steel in various designs and finishes such as silver, gold, and rose gold.   What’s especially nice is these can be custom engraved.  These run approx. $45 each.  There are more expensive versions that are in sterling silver that run approx. $100-$120 for someone with more expensive tastes, but personally I don’t think it’s necessarily worth it since stainless steel is generally more durable and the overall look is pretty much the same.


There’s also a sparkly design option for nights out that are approx. $60 each:

Alternate versions:

These bracelets are great not just for work or special occassions, and there’s an Athleisure line that has options made of lighter weight aluminum or silicone.  These are not engravable but are a good fit for someone who would appreciate an accessory at the gym, or generally a material that is lighter in weight.  These are also less expensive than the original design at approx. $35 for aluminum and $8 for silicone.

Another option for something more casual or for a younger woman/teen is the Kids/Teen designs which are made of plastic.  These are also cheaper but are not engravable.   Approx. $4 each.  These may also make for a nice party favor for a birthday, bachelorette party or bridal shower.

There’s a brushed gold, silver, and rose gold set that looks like the original stainless steel versions but is made of plastic.  It’s actually cheaper on Amazon than it is on the Maria Shireen website (approx. $8 instead of $20):

b+sweet by Maria Shireen Teens Hair Tie Bracelet Metallic Plastic 3 Piece Set

Bangles are also cheaper than the original Bittersweet version, ranging from $12-$15 that are made from alloy/plastic.  This would also be a nice party favor or stocking stuffer.

From the Maria Shireen website, they claim to hold the patent for the design of this bracelet.  However, there are some other options that appear to be cheaper on Amazon that have a similar design.

Approx. $26 for 4:

Hair Tie Bracelet Stainless Steel Grooved Cuff Bangle (4 Colors/Set)

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