Foldable Flats

Foldable flats are convenient to carry around and a lifesaver when you need a break from painful high heels.   They’re compact to carry around easily, closed-toed, and so comfortable!  Foldable flats are handy to have for:

  • Weddings or other dressy events (it’s much easier to dance in flats!)
  • Commutes that include walking long distances
  • Girls’ Night Out when your feet need a break at the end of the night
  • Traveling

These are a great gift for a bride or bridesmaid, or for the professional woman.  Here are some options for foldable flats:

Tieks:  Tieks are on the pricier side for shoes starting at approx. $175/pair, but are so comfortable that these may just become a primary shoe instead of a backup.  Like Louboutins which have a signature red sole, Tieks have a signature teal sole, which is broken up into two parts for folding.  Tieks are also great as an everyday shoe and the foldable option is bonus.  Plus, Oprah has featured Tieks on her O List before.  Tieks come in a variety of materials, colors, and prints, so there is surely a style fitting for the woman you are shopping for.

Yosi Samra: The Yosi Samra ballet flats are a little less pricey than Tieks (approx. $98, sometimes less) and less recognizable, but they’re another nice option for a leather ballet flat.  There are also a lot of different color choices and these have an elastic band around the top of the shoe.  Some options also boast memory foam lining! They do sell these at Nordstrom so the nice thing is a good return policy in case things don’t go well.

Talaria: Talaria flats are geared more toward weddings, with basic colors such as white, gold, silver, and black.  These run approx. $38 for the premium pairs.

Sidekicks:  These foldable flats are not the most comfortable, but they’re nice to have when the need arises.   These are economical at approx. $15/pair. These are definitely not everyday use, but would be a nice as part of a bridesmaid gift or party favor.

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