DNA Ancestry Kit

It may seem like an unusual gift but DNA ancestry kits are an unexpected gift that provides fun information.  It is interesting to find out about a person’s ancestry, and a nice gift to give as these run approx. $100.  It’s a simple kit where the person mails in their saliva sample and several weeks later the results of their test are available online.  This may be a good gift for someone who is hard to shop for since it is not a conventional gift.

There are those people who claim they are 1/16th of “this” and 1/4 “that” with a little of “this” mixed in, as well as those people who come from a long line of the same race/ethnicity and would not necessarily expect that in their line there was any mix.  Both types of people may be interested to verify what they’ve always thought about their ancestry, as well as find out new details.

23andMe is the one I’ve heard most about.  They have two kits.  One is approx. $100 which provides results of ancestry only, and the other is approx. $200 but provides additional results about health risks and genetic diseases.

Ancestry only:

Ancestry + additional genetic results:

AncestryDNA also has a kit, which is similar to the Ancestry kit from 23andMe but they boast reporting more details regarding geographic regions (Ancestry DNA has 350+ regions while 23andMe has 150+ regions) that make up a person’s composition.  This is approx. $90-$100:

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