Crazy Rich Asians

Everyone’s talking about the #1 movie this past weekend, Crazy Rich Asians.  The majority of the cast in the movie are Asian and it is awesome to see Asians being represented so well in the movie.  The movie was really good with great imagery and I especially loved the comedic relief from Awkwafina and Ken Jeong’s characters and the overall story about love and overcoming family expectations to lead a life for one’s self.  Crazy Rich Asians is based on a trilogy from Kevin Kwan, and would make a great gift for the Crazy Rich Asians fan and book lover.

Crazy Rich Asians

China Rich Girlfriend

Rich People Problems

What is cool in the movie is that much of the music is Chinese covers of English songs.  The twist to familiar songs is really special and unique.  A packaged gift with the trilogy of books and soundtrack would be perfect for the Crazy Rich Asians fan.

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