2. Anniversary – Year 2

Traditionally, the second year anniversary theme is Cotton.  Here are some anniversary gift ideas that follow that theme (be sure to check back here for new ideas):

  1. Canvas Art: Modern canvas is often made of cotton.  To execute a gift on canvas, here are a few ideas:
    1. If your partner is into collecting art, you may want to visit one of their favorite galleries to select a meaningful piece.
    2. Paint your own masterpiece.  To do so, you will need relatively little components:
      • Canvas – approx. $8 – $50 depending on size
      • Paint – approx. $8 for a small set of colors which should be sufficient for this type of project unless you are ambitious and want to paint a large mural
      • Paint brushes – approx. $5- $10
    3. Schedule a local paint night activity (e.g., www.PaintNite.com) and it can double as a date activity as well.
    4. Commission a canvas piece to be made.  There are a lot of great options on Etsy, from thread art to screen printing on canvas.
  2. Couples pillow cases: This is a cute option that you both can enjoy.  It is perfect if you are one of those couples that like to have matching things.
    Approx. $30:

    For the couple that enjoys comics, especially the DC comics fans. Approx. $32:

    For the King and Queen of the castle, and less than $10:

    For Sleeping Beauty and Snoring Beast (this is totally me and my husband!) and approx. $15

  3. Clothing: For an anniversary gift, this can come in many different forms depending on the person.   Lingerie may be a nice option for a woman that enjoys wearing it.  Some other safe options include:
    • Matching pajamas or t-shirts (Etsy has some cute options)
    • A nice tie or handkerchief with initials or perhaps the wedding date
    • Robe

My Story

The second year anniversary was not as exciting as the first.  Honestly can’t remember what we did, but I’m pretty sure my husband planned a dinner to celebrate (remember, I said it is just downhill after the first!).  I did find a cotton themed gift to be difficult.  My husband is one of those people that has to sleep holding a pillow (wish it was me, but it gets too hot!) , so I decided to get him a body pillow.  To make it more special, I got a plain white pillow case cover for the body pillow and sewed on a decoration myself.  Obviously I’m not the best seamstress, but it showed that I went through some effort and I think my husband appreciated it (it’s supposed to be a 2 symbolized as II in the middle of the heart):

My husband gave me a very thoughtful framed cotton stitching commemorating our anniversary, that I believe he commissioned through Etsy, which hangs in our bedroom today.

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